EOCP Certification Exam Schedule

The Exam Schedule below shows the examination sessions planned thus far. It is live on the website and is frequently being updated. Many more sessions will undoubtedly be scheduled. Operators, employers, and trainers are advised to check the list frequently to see if changes to the schedule have been made, including additional sessions having been scheduled at locations and/or times that are more convenient.

Exam dates, times, or venues can be changed if requests to do so are made with sufficient lead time and can be accommodated. Once scheduled, an exam session must have a minimum of six candidates who have applied a minimum of three weeks in advance and have been approved to write by the EOCP office. If there is a request to hold an exam session at a time or location other than what is in the schedule we will do our utmost to make it happen. Any additional costs to do so must be borne by the entity requesting the change.

Please contact the EOCP office for detailed information on any suggested changes.

Exam DateLocationCityStart TimeExam GroupMaximum # Writing
2017-06-28EOCP OfficeBurnaby8:00 amA13
2017-07-12BCIT - web-basedBurnaby9:00 amA8
2017-07-14Okanagan CollegeKelowna9:00 amA16
2017-07-21VIU - web-basedNanaimo12:30 pmA20
2017-07-26BCIT - web-basedBurnaby9:00 amA8
2017-08-09BCIT - web-basedBurnaby9:00 amA8
2017-08-18VIU - web-basedNanaimo12:30 pmA20
2017-08-23EOCP OfficeBurnaby8:00 amA13
2017-09-13BCIT - web-basedBurnaby9:00 amA8
2017-09-22VIU - web-basedNanaimo12:30 pmA20
2017-09-27BCIT - web-basedBurnaby9:00 amA8
2017-10-11BCIT - web-basedBurnaby9:00 amA8
2017-10-20VIU - web-basedNanaimo12:30 pmA20
2017-10-25EOCP OfficeBurnaby8:00 amA13
2017-11-08BCIT - web-basedBurnaby9:00 amA8
2017-11-17VIU - web-basedNanaimo12:30 pmA20
2017-11-22BCIT - web-basedBurnaby9:00 amA8
2017-12-06BCIT - web-basedBurnaby9:00 amA8
2017-12-15VIU - web-basedNanaimo12:30 pmA20
2017-12-20EOCP OfficeBurnaby8:00 amA13
Exam Group A - All EOCP exams
Exam Group B - Small Systems only